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  (Judges Rules Seminar

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March 12, 2023

Diane Cournoyer Dance Studio
386 West Main St.
Northborough, MA

This seminar is a perfect introduction for people who want to learn how judges score competitors. This is the first step in becoming a certified judge. We will go over criteria for each category. Understanding criteria will make you a better competitor and give you a competitive edge.

Topics include: 

  • All category judging criteria
  • Judging process
  • Training on how to determine placements
  • WNBF/INBF Judging Rules
  • Posing – specifics for each category

Presenters include:

  • Nancy Andrews- 4X WNBF Pro World Champion, WNBF President, Promoter/Owner Nancy Andrews Presents
  • Michele Welcome – Natural Pro in multiple federations, posing expert, WNBF Head Judge, WNBF Worlds Judge, Owner of Podcast – Everything Else in Bodybuilding

Registration Fee

  • $75 entry fee – $50 deposit online and balance at the door
  • Posing – $50 pre category/grouping – info will be out on March 1 on times and class groupings
  • Entry deadline March 1
  • Late fee $25 plus registration fee

Posing/Judging Rules - August 5, 2023

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Late fee of $25 applied to balance due at door for entries received after July 26, 2023

Event date fee (not pre-registered) is $100 cash only at the door.
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History of the Pro Series Seminars

By 5-time WNBF Pro Nancy Andrews

I started promoting these seminars in 1999.  My good friend and fellow WNBF Pro Laurie Normandeau actually had the idea to this.  At that time, she was working at the Northampton Athletic Club in Western Mass.  We teamed up and the rest is history.  

Laurie moved away and life became busier for me.  Although I have continued to do annual educational seminars, it has been a long time since I have hosted a one day camp.  Last year, we hosted a great one day event.  Stay tuned for more events.  The upcoming seminar on March 12, 2023 will be presented by Nancy Andrews and Michele Welcome.  Michele is a multi title holder in many federations.  She is a WNBF head judge, has judged Worlds and has a wealth of information to share with all.