Premier INBF + WNBF Events

About Nancy

4-Time WNBF Pro Women’s Bodybuilding World Champion

1997 ♦ 1999 ♦ 2003 ♦ 2004

Promoting Natural Bodybuilding Events Since 1995

It all started with one event – the INBF Northeast Classic and WNBF Pro American. This show became so popular on the East Coast that it now offers a completely separate INBF NE Classic Novice show, which has also become a must-do for those who are just entering natural bodybuilding.

As Nancy’s show roster has grown she has become one of the most well-known and respected promoters in the country. She now promotes three more major events each year, offering the widest range of competition categories and drawing the very best competitors in the region:

INBF South Shore Natural, just south of Boston

INBF NaturalMania and WNBF Pro Universe, just north of New York City

INBF/WNBF Monster Mash, in central Massachusetts


Leadership and Opportunities

Nancy and her team of industry professionals offer posing classes and seminars throughout the competition season where beginner through advanced athletes alike take advantage of a wealth of knowledge and experience that gives athletes a valuable competitive edge.

Since 2014 Nancy has been the President of WNBF, presiding with VP Bob Bell and Secretary Tina Smith over a successful expansion of the federation to include a large contingent of international affiliates. A large part of this success is the complete commitment to strict drug-free competition and an athlete-focused vision that drives the success of the organization.

Bob and Tina, both retired WNBF Professionals and hailing from California, dominate the West Coast with their Natural Muscle Mayhem events. This provides rock-solid leadership on both coasts, while steadily building and supporting WNBF and INBF promoters in the southern and interior states.

Moving forward, Nancy is considering adding a show in Connecticut, further cementing WNBF and INBF as the foremost natural bodybuilding shows for serious competitors in the northeast.