Premier INBF + WNBF Events

INBF Monster Mash + WNBF Monster Mash PRO

November 14, 2020

Schedule will be based on entrants and restrictions on numbers.
We are expecting the show to run in parts. Audience may be limited; updates will be emailed.


Nancy Andrews
(508) 842-7693
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Event Dates + Fees

November 14, 2020

Drug Testing

  • Polygraph Fee: $70; all competitors are subject to random urinalysis testing during the competition
  • Please read the banned substance list BEFORE testing
  • By appointment only; amateur polygraph is good for 6 weeks
  • Plan at least 1 hour for testing; bring all prescriptions with doctor’s notes explaining medical needs and prescribed dosage
  • Email questions ASAP, do not wait until you are at the testing site.


Boxborough Regency
242 Adams Place, Boxboro MA
See Google Map
(978) 263-8701

ROOM BOOKING CODE – Nancy Andrews Presents

Competitor Services


Tre Soleil – Leah Rogers


Angelica Vlahos Photography
Sign up online now
Packages available; advance or day of event sign-up.

  • Prepaid Package
    • $125 for 1 category
    • $150 for 2 categories
  • Event Day or After
    • $150 for 1 category
    • $175 for 2 categories
    • $200 for 3+ categories

Tiffany Langlois

No Alcohol or Dream Tan

The use of Dream Tan and the consumption of alcohol has been banned from this event.  If you arrive with Dream Tan on, you will be asked to leave the venue. Bags will be checked for alcohol. If you arrive with alcohol you will have to leave. This is a zero-tolerance policy.

Posing Music

  • For bodybuilding only
  • Precut, 60-second maximum MP3 file
  • Please email to

Music must be emailed by the Friday before the show. Music will not be accepted in any form at the show; house music will be provided for those who have not submitted music.

Amateur Classes

Men’s + Women’s Bodybuilding
Fit Body
Men’s Physique

Pro Classes

Pro Men’s + Women’s Bodybuilding
Pro Men’s Physique
Pro Fit Body
Pro Figure
Pro Bikini
Pro Masters Men’s Bodybuilding
Pro Masters Figure
Pro Masters Bikini