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NEWSLETTER: April 2022

Hello to All!

2021 was a year to remember – the pandemic still limiting us in many ways but, like most things in life, there are always silver linings to everything if you really look at it with open eyes.

Our Silver Lining

We learned that we can run events more efficiently with competitors blocked in for a shorter period of time. People spend less time backstage so there is no need for chairs, large coolers etc. – way less mess at the venue and the audience can enjoy and see what they want to with a much lower time commitment.

Moving forward we will continue to run events in this manner: cohorts and small shows within the main event. Thank you all for trusting us, we are so honored to have you compete in our events.

NAP Judges - NY Crew 2021

WNBF Pro Series Weekend Camp Recap

A Smashing Success – Held March 5th in Northborough, MA. Special thanks to Michelle Cournoyer for use of her dance studio, Diane Cournoyer School of Dance.

The last camp I promoted was in 2014. It was also the year, I bought the WNBF with Bob Bell and Tina Smith. I wore my Worlds shirt from 2014 to show the 8 flags of affiliates we had at that time. Thanks to Bob Bell’s continued efforts internationally, we have grown to thirty plus. Never forget where you came from is a common thought of the camp.

Being at the camp brought me back to my beginning in the sport.  Partnering with WNBF Pro Laurie Normandeau to create the WNBF Pro Series seminars. Laurie moved away from Massachusetts to pursue many rock climbing and outdoor adventures but I have to give her credit as I might not have started these if she wasn’t there to support me!

The early days of the camps featured Steve Downs lecturing on any topic he was asked to speak on.  And of course I have to mention, the camps impacting Bill Murphy’s path in the sport.  After speaking at the camp, he became a contributing writer for natural bodybuilding.  Since losing Bill in 2020, it has been hard to be at events without him and this was not different.  We all miss so much about him, but his presence was there.

Jimmy Ciampi introduced himself and shared that natural bodybuilding and Bill saved his life.  It was an amazing introduction and a great shout out to Bill Murphy.  Dr. Joe Klemczeski became a regular in the early 2000’s so he was back at it sharing so much knowledge with all who attended.  Joe is an industry icon. 

Newcomer, WNBF Pro Chris Barakat presented on exercise and training programming.  It was excellent info for all who want to maximize results in the gym. WNBF Pro Figure World Champion, Shannon Kelly lectured on Battle of the Brain – giving many strategies to basically get out of your own way!  Her lecture had many references Bill made years ago which was interesting because they never met. 

Dwayne Broadway and I led the lecture on category criteria and judging and it was a real treat to share the WNBF Worlds Videos.  Special thanks to Nick Colvill of Better Aesthetics for taking so many great pictures and videos and allowing me to share them.

Look for 2023 camp info coming out in the fall. Likely dates will be in January or February.  

Fall 2021 Recap

The fall season started off with INBF Naturalmania and WNBF Pro Universe in September.  Numbers were lower than usual but quality was great, featuring top Amateur and Pro competitors. It was awesome to be back in New York and really cool to be able to use a Theater versus a conference room at a hotel. The White Plains Performing Arts Center nailed the lighting and sound. We started with Pros and finished with Amateurs. Special note – we offered five weight classes for men’s bodybuilding, even though we had fewer competitors. This lead to one of the most exciting overalls I have seen in years with the overall winner, Steve Helaire winning the pro card.

2021 NAP Fall Events Gallery

In October, we headed to the Kenilworth Hotel in New Jersey for the first annual INBF Battle 4 Broadway. Athletes were treated well and had such a good day. Dwayne Broadway made sure all details were covered to give athletes in his region a great show. We are certain that this show will grow in 2022. Thanks for all who supported Dwayne in his inaugural show.

The final NAP show in the Northeast was the WNBF/INBF Monster Mash, held in Massachusetts in November. This show has become a final destination for many and the last qualifier for the WNBF World Championship. 2021 was a great event with competitors traveling from all over the country to qualify for a Pro Card or the opportunity to compete at the WNBF INBF World Championships. Day one was the amateur show which included novice and open competitors. Day 2 was the pro show along with the Fitness Asylum transformation show. We hosted the event at the DCU Center in Worcester and it was a big success.

Some of the highlights included the Amateur Men’s Bodybuilding featuring five weight classes and a super exciting overall with Chris Barakat becoming the Overall Champion and Aroldo Tunchez also winning a pro card. Women’s Open Bikini featured three great champions, all winning pro cards with the Overall trophy going to Jessica Arevalo from California. The other pro card winners were Francis Elizabeth and Nicole Clement. Also, a huge shout out to Latatiana Tubbs as she earned Pro status in Figure on Saturday and won the Pro Show on Sunday. I see a very bright future ahead for Latatiana.

The Pro Monster Mash has become a great show for those preparing to go to the WNBF World Championships. This year proved to be a great event with many top finishers also placing or winning Worlds in Las Vegas. Wendy Hyatt has established herself as one of the top natural bikini competitors by winning this show and going on to win her second WNBF World Championship title – way to represent Wendy.  In Open Bikini, I was really pleased with the number of ladies competing along with the quality. Out top short winner was Ashley Conefrey and our top tall winner Bronwyn Kraus. The overall proved to be exciting and very close with Ashley prevailing as the overall champion.

 2021 Bill Murphy Spirit of Natural Bodybuilding Award

Dwayne Broadway

Presented at the 2021 Monster Mash

Dwayne has been dedicated to natural bodybuilding for his entire life. He has contributed to the sport as a competitor, trainer, coach, judge, official, and now as a promoter. He was a brother to Bill by choice and is totally deserving of this award in Bill’s honor.

Congratulations Dwayne!

Dwayne Broadway, recipient of the 2021 Bill Murphy Spirit of Natural Bodybuilding Award

Worlds 2021

Fast forward two weeks to and we had the same match up of short and tall winners at Worlds, but Bronwyn came with a different look. She is known as “muscle and curls” but for Worlds she really changed things up by straightening her hair. The two weeks also lead to a leaner physique, especially from the rear. At the end of the day, Bronwyn was awarded the most prestigious title in natural bikini – 2021 WNBF Overall World Bikini Champion – Bronwyn Kraus. Ashley had a great run and pushed Bronwyn on each pose. I suspect we will see this match up again. Two very classy competitors.

Pro figure featured five great very well conditioned ladies. The judges were pushed in the class since the competition was all well prepared. Latatiana Tubbs won the class with great muscularity and symmetry. Definitely she is one to watch in the future. Our Pro fitbody winner, Aimee Bateman along with Pro Women’s Bodybuilding winner Suzette Monteiro both went on to place at Worlds in Las Vegas. It was so awesome to see these ladies in person without masks!

On the men’s side, we saw a great turnout in Men’s Physique. Coming off multiple WNBF Pro wins, Chris Elkins brought his chiseled physique to our stage. He nailed his prep including posing to show off his best physique I have seen to date. Chris went on to place second in the WNBF Pro World Championship Short Class – the winner of Chris’ class went on to win the overall title. Finally, our men’s bodybuilding – the master’s winner Brady Gearing showed a very complete physique. I expect to see a lot more of him. The men’s open bodybuilding winner was Chris Barakat. Chris grew up in the INBF competing as a teen and now 10 + years later winning WNBF Pro status and his first pro show. It was super exciting to see Chris evolve over the years. He has a very bright future.

Special thanks go out to our entire NAP staff, judges and also our event sponsors. Thanks to Show Tanning Professionals our official spray tanner for all NAP events. Heidi Zeiss and her team have nailed the process and make it easy and comfortable for competitors to work with them. For 2022, look for STP offering professional make up services. You can sign up for the hair and make up services on Heidi’s website. Thanks for your continued dedication to the sport and to all athletes competing in NAP events.

2022 Event Notes

Competitors should check out the entire INBF/WNBF Schedule – we have some really great events coming your way. Please note, to qualify to the WNBF Professional division, you will need to earn a pro card by winning your class at an INBF event with the appropriate number in the class, pass all the drug testing and adhere to all WNBF rules.

For Worlds, we are offering OPEN and Master’s Pro this year. The event is a two day event in Los Angeles, CA. Mark your calendar for November 19-20, 2022. To qualify as an amateur you will need to place top 3 in a contested open or master’s amateur class. For Pros, you will need to compete in a 2022 WNBF Pro event.

We are really looking forward to this!

2022 NAP Event Schedule

I am pleased to announce the 2022 Nancy Andrews Presents schedule. All amateur shows will offer Novice and Open classes.

  • Sunday May 15, 2022
    INBF Springmania
    Boxborough, MA
    WNBF Pro Qualifier
  • June 4-5, 2022
    INBF Northeast Classic + WNBF Pro American
    Boxborough, MA
    WNBF Super Pro-Qualifier
    All Open Pro Classes and Pro Masters Bikini
  • June 18, 2022
    INBF South Shore Natural
    Plymouth, MA
    WNBF Pro Qualifier
  • September 24, 2022
    INBF Naturalmania + WNBF Pro Universe
    White Plains, NY
    WNBF Super Pro-Qualifier
    All Open Pro Classes and Pro Masters Bikini
  • October 22, 2022
    INBF Battle 4 Broadway

    Kenilworth, NY
    WNBF Pro Qualifier
  • November 5-6, 2022
    WNBF/INBF Monster Mash
    Boxborough, MA
    All Open Pro Classes and Pro Masters Bikini, Figure and Masters Men’s Bodybuilding
  • November 19-20, 2022
    WNBF/INBF World Championships*
    Los Angeles, CA

*You need to qualify for this event:
PROS – compete in a 2022 WNBF Pro Event
Amateurs – Top 3 in an open class or 1st place if there are 3 or less in the class

Other Upcoming INBF Events

Along with all of the NAP events, the INBF also has confirmed other Northeast Events in 2022:

  • April 23, 2022
    INBF USA – Rochester, NY
    Promoters: Dan and Paul Iatomasi
  • June 11, 2022
    INBF Connecticut – New Haven, CT
    Promoter: Robert Fulton
  • June 25
    INBF Hercules – Bronx, NY
    Promoters: Bob Bell and Tina Smith
  • August 20
    INBF Summer Explosion – New Haven, CT
    Promoter: Robert Fulton
  • October 29
    INBF Granite State Open – Portsmouth, NH
    Promoter: Laura Tourtellot

Welcome to the WNBF!

Spring 2021 Pro Card Winners

  • Erica O’Neil – Women’s Bodybuilding
  • Lisa Arpino – Women’s Bodybuilding
  • Gabriella Pimentel – Fitbody + Bikini
  • Theresa Stone – Figure, Fitbody
  • Marybeth Turner – Fitbody
  • Crystal Silva – Fitbody
  • Danielle Simon – Figure
  • Jamie Paling – Figure
  • Leita Saunders – Master’s Figure
  • Kristen Giorgi – Master’s Figure + Master’s Bikini
  • Camille Churillo – Bikini
  • Erin Letsky – Bikini
  • Bianca Vega- Bikini
  • Elizabeth Sloan- Bikini
  • Christine Cullen- Bikini
  • Andressa Rosa- Bikini
  • Liz Kennedy – Bikini
  • Fabiolla Mello – Master’s Bikini
  • Jessie Carroll – Master’s Bikini
  • Kristen Gonzalez – Master’s Bikini
  • Melissa Argiro – Master’s Bikini
  • Michelle Lewis – Master’s Bikini
  • Andy Zhou – Men’s Physique

Fall 2021 Pro Card Winners

  • Erin Fergus – Open Women Bodybuilding
  • Rochelle Higgins – Fitbody
  • Latatiana Tubbs – Figure
  • Donette Smith – Master’s Figure
  • Jessica Arevalo – Open Bikini
  • Frances Elizabeth – Open Bikini
  • Nicole Clement – Open Bikini
  • Bronwyn Kraus – Open Bikini
  • Sonji Paige – Master’s Bikini
  • Andrea Frost – Master’s Bikini
  • Tristan Ruan – Open Men’s Physique
  • Bobby Stevens – Open Men’s Physique
  • Chris Barakat – Open Men Bodybuilding
  • Aroldo Tunchez – Open Men Bodybuilding
  • Steve Helaire – Open Men Bodybuilding
  • Jean Oriental – Open Men Bodybuilding